How To Conserve Water Using Your Sprinkler System

We’ve talked in the past about why having an irrigation system is so important here in the Denver, Colorado area and why having it professionally installed by trained technicians is so vital. Today, Nationscapes is going to walk you through different ways you can utilize your sprinkler system to conserve water.

Why Is Conserving Water So Important?home with sprinklers

First, why is conserving water important, other than the obvious reason to save you money. Research from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) reveals that 70% of the world’s freshwater withdrawals go toward irrigation uses. Moreover, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that 50% of that water is lost due to wind, evaporation, and runoff catalyzed by inefficient irrigation systems. Water is our earth’s most valuable resource other than oxygen, and as we can see from the wildfires out on the west coast and in Canada, it is fast becoming more scarce. Having said that, how can you utilize your current irrigation system to conserve water?

Water By Zones

First, divide your landscape into watering zones. This will allow you to meet the differing watering needs of each of your different landscape elements. It will also guarantee that your property will get the water it needs to stay healthy while conserving water.

Timing Is Everything

Water in the morning so that the sun has time to dry out your lawn. The wind is usually lower during this time as well, which will help prevent evaporation.

Adjust Seasonal Sprinkler Settings

Newer smart irrigation systems come equipped with internal clocks that can help businesses and homeowners optimize water use. Your grass needs far less water in spring and fall than it does during the dog days of summer. If using a smart irrigation system like those we install through Nationscapes, you can adjust the amount of water used to coincide with the season.

Utilize Weather Sensors

Traditional irrigation systems were not set up with the ability to detect current weather patterns or know that it may have already rained that day.  Have you ever walked or driven past a home with a sprinkler system on while it is raining? Is that not frustrating?

At Nationscapes, our smart irrigation system comes equipped with Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controllers. These controllers use real-time weather data to apply the appropriate amount of water to your lawn based on current, local weather conditions. Your smart irrigation system can automatically adjust to your current weather. In addition, these advanced sensors can tell when a rain event has just occurred, and irrigation needs are low. This alone saves tons of water and hundreds in water costs.wireless rain sensor for a sprinkler system

Use of Sensor-Based Controllers

Some smart irrigation systems can adjust the water delivered based on the amount of moisture in your soil. There are special controllers that use sensors placed below ground. They are placed in the root zone of your landscape and help smart controllers determine if it’s necessary to water your grass and for how long. These products are often sold as accessories to your existing controllers or as stand-alone devices.

Some of the more advanced smart sprinklers can even gauge the conditions of your lawn, including the type of soil you have, amount of sun and shade exposure, type of plants that surround your landscape, and degree of slope in your yard. Colorado soil tends to be slightly alkaline and, in many areas, heavy clay. Clay soil retains the most amount of water, requiring less frequency in watering.

Minimize Water Pressure by Installing Pressure Regulators

Minimizing water pressure can help save a large amount of water. Adding pressure regulation devices to your valves can help, or you can install these devices on individual sprinklers. Finding the right amount of water pressure can provide a more efficient water flow allowing you to run your system for a shorter period of time to the driest spot.

Ensure Your Sprinkler System Provides Proper Coverage

To ensure you have proper water coverage from season to season, schedule your lawn care professionals to come out and do a spring set-up and inspection, or walk around and check the coverage yourself. You can do this by placing measuring cups around your lawn and run your sprinklers for about 15 minutes. Each cup should be filled with the same amount of water. If the water levels are different, you need to have your sprinkler placements adjusted.

Conserve Water and Maintain the Health of Your Turf With Nationscapes Sprinkler Service

As you can see from the information above, traditional irrigation systems can be out of date when conserving water. Nationscapes utilizes the newest technology providing you with smart irrigation to keep your turf beautiful while preserving as much water as possible. We make use of water-saving heads and nozzles and employ smart sprinkler controllers so that you are only watering your lawn when it needs it and at the best times of the day. We also provide sprinkler repairs and sprinkler maintenance that includes spring activation and winterization.

Contact us to learn more about our sprinkler installation services and check out our annual maintenance programs via our website now. You can give us a call at 303-934-9130 or fill out our form online.

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