Do-It-Yourself Sprinkler Ideas for Your Denver Landscape

Water is the essence of life for your grass and plants. Staying on a regular irrigation schedule is crucial to achieving that perfect yard, especially here in Denver, Colorado. Properly watered grass helps fertilizers get where they need to go and creates thick, healthy grass which prevents weeds from germinating. There are many different types of irrigation systems out there that can achieve the same goal. It just depends on how much effort and money you want to put into it. Here are a few DIY irrigation systems to try out.

Drip Irrigationdrip irrigation

This is the kind of system you typically see at a greenhouse. A long slender hose that has holes punctured at certain spots along the length. Drip irrigation allows for a continuous drip of water at the desired location. You can water your plants the same way greenhouses do without spending too much money. All you need is a regular garden hose and a nail to puncture small holes in it. Applying low volumes of water maintains a desirable balance of air and water in the soil. Other benefits of drip irrigation include: 

  • Less water lost to evaporation
  • Less water used overall
  • You can hide the hoses without digging up the yard
  • More flexibility
  • Precise water delivery
  • Prevents weeds from being watered

Good Old Rain Catcher

Here’s a simple and effective design that can be found on most American farms and now you can use it on your Denver area lawn. Rain catchers are fed via downspouts and stored for later use for your garden or animals. They can be as simple as an open barrel fitted with a spigot to make delivering water easier, or a complex system that connects your gutters to an underground cistern where water is stored for later use. You can even attach a garden hose to it and let gravity do the work for you. This is a great idea for people living in tiny homes or trying to be more self-sustaining.

Clay Pot Watererclay pots

The biggest problem that gardeners in Denver face are weeds. They always seem to grow faster and are stronger than the plants we are trying to grow, but we can’t help watering them too. Well, here is a method that will allow you to water your plants without watering the weeds. This is an adaptation of an ancient method of irrigation that is thought to have originated 4,000 years ago. This method of watering will drastically cut your water consumption. Place any sized unglazed flower pot in the ground so just the rim is above the dirt. Fill with water and the porous clay will allow the water to seep slowly into the soil as the soil dries. This provides the right amount of water that the crops need. Cover the pot with a small plate or something that will keep mosquitoes from turning your watering system into a nursery.

5-Gallon Bucket Method

Irrigating your garden with a sprinkler has always been a double-edged sword. While you are watering your plants, you are also watering the much faster-growing weeds. Enter the 5-gallon bucket method. This is a DIY method that is steadily gaining popularity with gardeners who have had enough of pulling weeds. All you need is a 5-gallon bucket and a drill. Drill holes around the bottom of the bucket and place it in a hole in your garden so that about half of it is underground. Plant four plants around the bucket. These will be the plants that the bucket will water. Now when it is time to water your plants and not the weeds, just pour water and fertilizer into the bucket. The water will leak out the holes into the dirt right at the root level with your plants and won’t water your weeds.

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