What Makes a Professionally Installed Irrigation System So Beneficial?

Are you tired of coming home every night after work and taking your garden hose outside to water the lawn? Or, maybe your lawn sprinkler just isn’t functioning the way it used to.

Most residential and commercial property owners in the Denver, Colorado area use an excessive amount of water to keep their grass hydrated, costing more money and time than needed. A professionally installed sprinkler system conserves water and is more cost-effective, saving you time, money, and water in the long run. Nationscapes is here to explain the various reasons why having a professionally installed irrigation system is beneficial.irrigation system install

Already have an irrigation system? Nationscapes can help get your sprinkler system ready for spring and troubleshoot any maintenance issues you may be having.

So What Is So Great About a Professionally Installed Irrigation System?

Saves Time

Who doesn’t need more time in their schedule? We get it, you’re busy. Between work, the kids, the pets, running errands, and household chores, most of us have little time to relax. Having to water the lawn and garden when you get home is just one more thing to worry about. Let’s face it. Watering the lawn is a chore. Having a professionally installed irrigation system allows you to have one less task on your plate.

Conserves Water

Drip irrigation systems save water by delivering water directly to the root of your plants. This conserves water usually lost through surface runoff and evaporation. With our arid climate here in the Denver area, it’s important to preserve as much as we can.

Adds Curb Appeal to Your Denver Area Home

Having a professionally installed irrigation system installed adds value to your home and can be a major selling point to home buyers. Potential buyers will know that they will be able to conserve water, save on their energy bills and free up their time to work on additional home projects.

Helps to Prevent Weeds and Diseasehome with sprinklers

How do you ask? Because an irrigation system allows you to target specific areas of your landscape. Today’s sophisticated sprinkler systems come with drip systems that can direct water directly into the root systems of certain plants. Targeting specific plants and areas of your landscape provides them with the water they need while depriving weeds and other undesirables moisture. Being able to target your root systems can also help alleviate the amount of water that ends up on your plant leaves. This will help stop the spread of fungi and other diseases.

Helps to Maintain Soil Balance

Both overwatering and underwatering your yard can be dangerous. Overwatering can cause the soil to lose some of the nutrients to wash away if overflooded. It can also improve soil’s chances of becoming compacted. Underwatering is not good for your soil either as it can dry it out. Underwatering can cause soil to dry out, which can become more prone to erosion.

With a professionally installed sprinkler system, you are in control of the amount of water your lawn receives, where it receives it, and when.

It Puts You in the Driver’s Seat

Today’s irrigation systems utilize smart technology, allowing you to control the specific time of day your lawn is watered, for how long, and how often. At Nationscapes, we utilize the Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller. It uses real-time weather data to apply the appropriate amount of water-based on current weather conditions.

With this innovative technology, you can also customize your system to coincide with the type of soil you have, plants, and sun exposure. All of these features allow you, the homeowner, to remain in control. You no longer have to worry about getting the neighbors to water your lawn while you’re away. You control everything with the touch of a switch.

Before Summer, Get Your Professional Irrigation System Installed or Repaired Now

Now is the time to have your professional irrigation system installed, before the arrival of the summer heat. Nationscapes offers professional irrigation installation as well as service and maintenance. If you already have a sprinkler system, we can help you with your spring activation. Learn more about our spring activation service on our website.

Irrigation System in Need of Repair? Nationscapes Has You Covered

We also provide irrigation repairs and help as needed. Our technicians are trained and know how to troubleshoot the different issues that often arise. Allow us to take the burden of spring and winter activation off your hands with our annual maintenance programs. This will save you time, aggravation and ensure priority scheduling. Learn more about all of the irrigation services we provide. Call us at 303-934-9130 or request a free quote here. Get the inside scoop on Nationscapes by following us on Facebook, Instagram, or Linkedin.

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