Sprinkler Installation

Conserve and Maintain the Health of Your Turf

A beautiful, healthy lawn is one that is adequately watered. With our dry climate here in the greater Denver metro area, it’s essential for our grounds to be properly irrigated. Our professional lawn irrigation installation will ensure your entire yard receives the appropriate amounts of water at the right times. We pride ourselves on utilizing the highest quality products and workmanship to craft a custom irrigation solution for your lawn. Our goal is to provide you with a “smart” irrigation system that utilizes the best-in-class technology to keep your turf beautiful while consuming as little water as possible—a true benefit for the environment and your pocketbook.

Benefits to Having a Professionally Installed Irrigation System

There are numerous benefits to having an effective irrigation system. Not only will your lawn be the envy of your neighbors, but you will be irrigating in an environmentally conscious manner by applying the least amount of water possible while maximizing your green areas.

Other Benefits to Having a Professionally Installed Irrigation System Include:

Adds Curb Appeal to Your Home
A sprinkler system increases a home’s market value because it enables the plants and trees you have invested so much time and energy toward living longer, healthier lives. Nowadays, most of us don’t have time to water our lawns manually. Knowing a home already has an irrigation system installed may entice home buyers to make a purchase.

Offers Added Convenience
A sprinkler system offers time-saving and water-efficient lawn maintenance.

Preserves Nutrients and Soil Structure
Regular watering with a garden hose does not have the same impact as using a professional irrigation system. Using a water hose may cause the soil to become compacted, which will cause your plants to wither or develop root disease. It can also cause nutrients to leak out with the runoff, leaving plants with fewer vitamins. Using a NationScapes sprinkler irrigation system will produce smaller droplets, preserve nutrients, and reduce soil compaction.

Water-Saving Heads and Nozzles

We exclusively use heads and nozzles that feature unique, multi-trajectory rotating streams that deliver water at a steady rate. This slower application rate allows water to gently soak in at rates that soils can absorb, leading to up to 30% of water savings.

Smart Sprinkler Controller With Real-Time Weather Data

On an irrigation system, arguably, the most important component is the controller. It is the “brain” that operates your irrigation system. NationScapes utilizes the Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller that comes standard with industry-leading WiFi-enabled controllers. These controllers use real-time weather data to apply the appropriate amount of water to your lawn based on current, local weather conditions. Gone are the days when your sprinklers are running while it rains. This innovative smart technology also allows you to customize your watering in conjunction with your plant type, soil type, sun exposure, and more. Contact NationScapes today and start saving and conserving water.

Other Key Differentiators

  • All of our systems are designed using NSF 100PSI main and lateral lines, a thicker and more durable pipe, and comes with a lifetime warranty. We want to ensure your irrigation system is able to withstand the test of time.
  • All of our manifolds are constructed with copper rather than plastic and come with a lifetime warranty.
  • We exclusively use Febco backflow preventers, freeze-resistant and designed specifically to perform well in Colorado’s climate.
  • All of our irrigation systems are installed using a trenchless method. Instead of using a large trencher and damaging your landscape, we utilize a vibratory plow that pulls the pipe below the lawn’s surface and is a much less invasive process to your yard.
  • All parts and workmanship come with a minimum 5-year warranty.
  • All of our custom irrigation systems are designed based upon the water pressure/volume at your property. Each installation comes with a full set of plans to understand what is installed and where it is located.
  • We offer turn-key ongoing maintenance to ensure that your irrigation system is always running at the optimal level.

Save Time, Water, and Enhance the Health of Your Lawn Now

Over the years, our company has been trusted to provide irrigation solutions for local iconic properties, including The Denver Botanic Gardens, The Denver Zoo, and the Governor’s Mansion. Keep your lawn green and minimize water consumption today by contacting NationScapes.


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