Sprinkler Repairs and Service

Maintain the Health of Your Existing Sprinkler System

A beautiful, healthy lawn is one that is watered properly. With our above sea level, desert climate here in the greater Denver metro area, our lawns need to be properly irrigated. Our team of experienced and professional irrigation technicians have decades of experience, ensuring that your irrigation system is performing at its optimal level. We pride ourselves on utilizing only the highest quality products and workmanship to maintain your system.

Benefits to Having a Professionally Maintained Irrigation System

By being on your property regularly, our highly trained technicians can spot small issues before they become large problems, which may lead to very costly repairs or loss of substantial amounts of water.

Common Irrigation Repairs

Common Irrigation Repairs

Our technicians have been trained to deal with many issues ranging from a “quick fix” to very complicated situations that may arise. Our technicians and trucks are outfitted to handle the following common irrigation repairs:

  • Troubleshooting wiring issues
  • Leak repairs/root pinches
  • Upgrading your systems capabilities through nozzle conversions or controller upgrades
  • Valve and manifold replacements
  • Backflow preventer maintenance and replacement
  • Zone/head additions and retrofits
  • Pump and well diagnostics
  • Stop & Waste / outside tap replacement
  • Drip system repairs

Spring Activation

Spring Activation

We offer a service specifically targeted at activating your system each spring. This allows us to identify issues created within your irrigation system over winter and make repairs to get it started on the “right foot” for the year. Activations generally include:

  • Restoring water from your supply source
  • Checking/adjusting every head and nozzle to ensure proper functionality and coverage
  • Inspecting backflow preventer and valves for any issues or damage
  • Programming/adjusting the controller as needed

Annual Maintenance Programs

We are happy to provide you with a turn-key annual maintenance solution for your irrigation system. We offer two base programs, however, please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in creating a custom irrigation maintenance program.

Our “Gold” program includes three visits to your property throughout the season. The first visit is the spring activation, where we turn on and calibrate your system for the year. The second visit is the mid-summer check, where we recheck your entire system and make any needed adjustments. The third visit is your fall winterization. In addition to our “Gold” program, we also offer a “Silver” program, which includes the activation and winterization only.

We highly encourage our clients to take advantage of these programs. They ensure priority scheduling and save you more than 10% on average compared to buying the services a la carte.


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