Water Features

A Unique Way to Make Your Home Stand Out

Water features are a truly unique way to make your landscape stand out from the rest. They promote peace and relaxation, add curb appeal to your home, and provide an outdoor escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. From large to small landscapes, NationScapes has over 50 years of experience and the capability to turn your yard into an outdoor oasis for relaxation and entertaining. We will customize any design you like.

Already have an existing water feature that is not functioning properly or is leaking? We are also here to help repair any problems you may have so you can get back to enjoying your yard. Contact us today to help bring your backyard to life.

The Benefits of Adding Water Features Are Endless

The Benefits of Adding Water Features Are Endless

From ponds to waterfalls to prefab water features, NationScapes handles them all. Adding tranquil water features to your landscape and hardscape designs is a key component to creating that outdoor paradise. There are various benefits to installing water features. Among the possibilities are yard fountains, garden fountains, waterfalls, and others.

Landscape Water Features Boost Curb Appeal to Property Values
Water features are visually appealing and add charm to potential home buyers. Adding a fountain, waterscape, or burbling ceramic pot makes a good investment for any property.

Reduced Noise Pollution
A flowing water feature can drown out noise pollution from nearby traffic, lawnmowers, and noisy neighbors.

They’re Therapeutic
In an otherwise fast-paced world, sitting outside relaxing to the sound of water flowing calms the mind. It allows you to get in touch with nature and bring a sense of peace to your backyard. Let the stress of work and other demands melt away as your waterfall or pond soothes your mind and relaxes your muscles.

They Can Fit In Compact Yards
Even customers with tiny yards and small outdoor patios can enjoy the ambiance of water features. Water features can be as big or small as your imagination will allow. Pondless features such as fountains and waterfalls can be tucked into corners of your yard, added to your patio, walkway, or cover unattractive spots.

They Attract Birds
If nature is your thing, water features also attract wildlife. Birds and butterflies are always looking for a constant water source, and having a water feature will make them regular visitors. Frogs, turtles, and other wildlife may also visit, seeking fresh water to quench their thirst.

PreFabricated Fountains

PreFabricated Fountains

Looking for a water feature without the maintenance required by a larger, more in-depth waterfall or pond? NationScapes also specializes in the customization and installation of Pre Fabricated Fountains. These are fountains designed and built to accommodate specific spaces without the upkeep of a standard water feature. We can create a beautiful, architecturally designed prefab fountain for your busy lifestyle and fit your outdoor needs. Contact us today and find out more.

Maintenance and Repairs

We understand how important it is to prolong the life of such a valuable, substantial investment. We provide help with drainage before winter and start-up services before spring. Create an outdoor environment you’ve always dreamed of with the professionals at NationScapes. Call 303-934-9130 or contact us now.

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