The Importance Of Winterizing Your Irrigation System

Having a professional irrigation system is the difference between having an average yard and having an amazing yard. We spend lots of time, effort, and money on our Boulder, Colorado lawns to make them look their best. In order for grass to look its best it needs to be watered properly; not too much and not too little. When grass is watered properly it should become thick and green. Healthy grass can put up a fight against weeds, pests, and diseases. But you shouldn’t just water whenever you have the time. For example, watering in the morning is encouraged as it gives the water time to soak in and the grass time to dry before nightfall. An automatic irrigation system is an economical and convenient way to keep your lawn healthy and strong. sprinkler shut off

But when winter arrives your sprinkler systems are vulnerable to freezing temperatures if you haven’t winterized them properly. Water that remains in the pipes can freeze, expand, and rupture the pipes underground. This can lead to expensive repairs for not only your sprinkler system but also your yard. Here are some tips to help you winterize your sprinkler system so you don’t have to deal with the mess.

Shut Off The Water Supply

When your grass has stopped growing for the season it’s time to turn off your sprinkler system for the year. The first step to winterizing your irrigation system is to locate and turn off the main water supply that feeds your sprinklers. The main shut-off might be in your garage or basement. Some shut-offs are buried underground and may need a key to turn off. If your main water shut-off is outside make sure it is well insulated to protect it from freezing. Once the water has been shut off it’s time to drain your pipes.

Drain Your Pipes

As we mentioned above, water left in pipes can freeze and burst. Burst pipes are the number one threat to underground irrigation systems. To make sure you get all the remaining water out of your pipes you must drain it in one of three ways: using the automatic drain valve, the manual drain valve, or attaching an air compressor to the blow-out valve to expel the water. 

Automatic Drain

After shutting off the water, turn on one of the sections or sprinkler heads to relieve built-up pressure. Once the pressure falls below 10 psi the automatic drain valves will open and the water will drain on its own. Do this until all water has been expelled. 

Manual Drain

Manual drain valves are located at the ends and low points of your system. Open the valves and water should drain out easily.sprinkler blow out

Blow-Out Method

This method involves using an air compressor with a CFM rating of 80 to 100. The air hose should be attached with a coupling device that matches the one located on your mainline. Compressed air is very effective in making sure all of the water is removed from the pipes but this method is complicated and potentially dangerous and should only be done by people who know what they are doing.

Get Professional Help

Sprinkler systems are fragile and expensive pieces of equipment and if you don’t know what you are doing you shouldn’t mess with it. To ensure that your Boulder, Colorado sprinkler system is winterized properly, we recommend getting professional help. At Nationscapes, we offer a sprinkler winterization package for any size yard. You can even sign up for annual visits so you don’t ever have to worry about scheduling a visit.

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