It’s Not Too Late To Upgrade Your Lakewood Lawn With Sod Installation

September is a time for renewals and fresh starts. It signifies the beginning of the school year, football, and a new season. The same can be said for your lawn. In Colorado, if you are thinking about getting a new turf or revitalizing a fatigued lawn, fall is the perfect time to install sod. Despite the fact that most people believe seeding or sodding a lawn can only be done in the spring, now is not too late. In fact, September is a great month to install your new turf. Why? Your friends at NationScapes are going to explain.

Fall Means Warm Soilroll of sod

Sod is grass cut into sections complete with grassroots and soil. It is a fast way and easy way to establish a new lawn. Even though the temperatures may begin to cool down outside, your soil is still warm. Warm soil is a key factor in helping roots to grow quickly. In the spring, the soil is still cool from the winter. During the spring, it can take a long time for the roots to grow. But now, in September, with your soil still warm from the overly hot summer, the sod’s roots will take hold and grow faster and strong and resilient.

Less Watering Required

Sod requires less watering in September. Because the air temperature is much cooler, it will help the soil stay moist, allowing you to water less often. September is also a seasonal transition month making it a great opportunity for rain and thunderstorms. That extra water is free water from Mother Nature.

More Time to Gain Strength

Installing sod in the fall allows your grass to become healthy and strong before dealing with extreme weather elements. Often here in Lakewood, Colorado, summer arrives fast, bringing with it excessive heat and drought. Installing sod in the fall allows it to become established and resistant to lawn diseases, climate stressors, and pest infestations.

A few things to Consider When Having Sod Installed on Your Lakewood Property in the Fall

Keep an eye on the calendar. Sods of cool-season turfs can be planted as long as the soil is not frozen to allow enough time to develop a solid root system. During the first two weeks, heavy watering is necessary while the sod’s root system is being established. The new sod needs to stay moist 24 hours a day. We recommend watering a minimum of two times a day for at least 20 to 40 minutes.

Sod planted later in fall must be irrigated during the winter to prevent drying. Doing so will maintain the moisture in the underlying soil. But only water when conditions allow for the water tosod installation penetrate through your soil and not during periods of ice or snow. Stop applying water if puddling and ice begin to form on the surface. Generally, we recommend watering every two to three weeks in the winter.

Have Your Sod Installation Performed Now by the Professionals at NationScapes

Through our partnership with Graff’s Turf in Fort Morgan, Colorado, NationScapes offers customized sod installation for your residence or commercial property in the greater Denver area. We prepare your area, deliver and install the sod and then come back to your property to check your lawn to ensure adequate water is being applied. Because irrigation is such a huge part of a new lawn, we also offer sprinkler installation services.

Our professional lawn irrigation installation will ensure your entire yard receives the appropriate amounts of water at the right times. We want to ensure that before we install sod on your property, you have the proper irrigation available to develop your sod into a nice healthy, sustainable lawn. And if this is not possible, we can install an irrigation system for you. We also offer irrigation system maintenance and repairs.

Learn more about our sod installation or irrigation services by visiting our website, filling out our online contact us form, or giving us a call. If you already have an irrigation system and need to schedule your winterization service, do so now before it’s too late. You can reach us for both services at 303-934-9130.

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