Why Sod Installation May Be the Right Choice for Your Denver Area Lawn

If you’ve just purchased a new lot to build a home, or your outdoor lawn is in dire need of an uplift, a new lawn installation may be for you. When it comes to lawn installations, you have several choices. The utilization of sod offers instant results and allows you to transform your yard from bare dirt into a beautiful, lush lawn. The best part? It can happen in just a few days.

You can also lay down sod in any growing season. So if you just purchased new office space, but its outside property is a mess, you can install sod and have the perfect lawn without waiting till the growing season. We aren’t by any means knocking the benefits of lawn seeding. It has its value and should be used in circumstances where needed. But this article focuses specifically on when having sod installed makes sense and the advantages a sod installation offers.

First, What Exactly Is Sod?roll of sod

Sod is grass and soil held together by a root system or biodegradable material. It is harvested ten to 18 months after it is planted and can be sold as a square slab or as a rolled rectangle. Turfgrass sod is available in a variety of different grasses to coincide with different local climates and regions. Here in the Denver area, we mostly utilize cool-season grasses such as Kentucky bluegrass and tall fescue.

Reasons for Having Sod Installed

Poor Drainage
If you notice puddles and heavy pooling after a rainstorm, your lawn is not absorbing the water adequately. Poor drainage can result in many problems, including lawn disease, mosquitoes, and erosion.

Soil Erosion
Thin grass, bare patches, and as we just mentioned, poor drainage can erode your soil. If it’s not held in place by healthy turfgrass and its roots, erosion can lead to uneven areas of your lawn and pooling water. Sod can be used to stop erosion and water pollution on slopes where rain washes away seed and soil.

Patchy, Bare Spots
Patchy bare spots can be a symptom of different things, including lawn stressors, climate issues, disease, and pest infestations. But if you have had a professional lawn company analyze your lawn and tried various solutions to no avail, it may be time for a new lawn.

Benefits of Installing Sodsod installation

You Have an Instant Lawn
Unlike seeding, where you have to wait for weeks before seeds germinate, sod installation provides you with an instant lawn. Because the roots still need to grow into the grass, seeding your lawn takes approximately 18 months to develop. In the meantime, you will be forced to look at a bare yard. Sodding, on the other hand, provides an immediate area for your kids and pets to play on and instant curb appeal.

Sod Snuffs Out Any Leftover Weeds
A fresh layer of sod will help smother any leftover weeds remaining on your lawn.

Sod Requires Less Watering
To help with seed germination, a seeded lawn needs to be watered at least four times a day to keep the ground moist. New sod needs watered twice a day for a couple of weeks after it’s planted.

Reduces Soil Erosion
Sod can assist in reducing soil erosion because it’s already fully grown. It can also protect against wind, dust, and rain.

Sod Can Patch Up Brown Spots
Sod is great for patching up brown spots on your lawn. You can simply cut and insert the sod where your grass needs it most. And instantly, you have grass where it was once a brown spot.

To Have Sod Installed on Your Residential or Commercial Lawn Today, Contact the Professionals at Nationscapes

Nationscapes specializes in sod installation. With our partnership with Graff’s Turf in Fort Morgan, Colorado, we offer customized sod installation for your residence or commercial property in the greater Denver area. The sod is harvested at the farm, transported to your location, and installed on your lawn. With proper care, your newly installed sod will be available for use in just a few weeks. Learn more about our sod installation process by visiting our website, giving us a call at 303-934-9130, or contact us here online.

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